2nd year students visited Salyut Machine-Building Association

Salyut Machine-Building Association once again took our students for a professional acquaintance with the modern production process.


The students got acquainted with the real production, visited the museum, where they were told about the more than 100-year history of the enterprise and its outstanding workers, among which there are a lot of graduates of the BMSTU, ones with hearing impaired included.


Students shared their impressions of the visit:


“I liked the tour very much! Everything was explained in an interesting and understandable language. We were told about everything in detail, without fatigue”— Ksenia Baranova, 2nd year student.


“The tour was informative! This does not compare with what we have been going through in educational and technological practice. Especially I liked the museum. Thank you very much!” — Karina Kausova, 2nd year student.


“The tour was very interesting and informative! Thanks to “Salute” we learned a lot about our future profession. Also we really liked the museum. Thank you very much for the new impressions!” — Anna Zhitlukhina, 2nd year student.


GUIMC thanks the management of the enterprise and personally the Deputy Head of the Training Center Svetlana L. Lebedeva for the excellent organization of professional acquaintance and hopes to continue cooperation.