The Conference “Student Scientific Spring”

On 24th April, 2018 GUIMC students took part in the scientific and technical conference “Student Scientific Spring”, section “Educational and rehabilitation technologies.” At the conference, students presented their research projects on various topics.


The list of contestants:

  1. Ostap Borshchev and Karina Kausova with the work “Developing a collection of educational video materials on chemistry for students of the GUIMC: Power of Chemical Reactions”
  2. Alexander Antipin with the work “Disclosure of the content of the concepts” Chemical phenomena and transformations “
  3. Fedor Kashpura “Disclosure of the content of the concept” Chemical Processes. ” General regularities of chemical processes “
  4. Ksenia Ruban with the work “Nomenclature IUPAC – development of a manual for GUIMC students”
  5. Andrei Kiriyak with the work “Intellectual systems for the semi-automatic design of the worm reducer”
  6. Danil Zarubin with the work “Surfaces of revolution. Shaping. Display of surfaces of revolution based on computer technology. “
  7. Anton Marchenko, Roman Busuyev with the work “Adjusting the screen of the desktop for visually impaired and blind people”


Following the results of the conference, the best works were singled out:


the best scientific work — Andrei Kiriyak;

the best research work is — Ruban Xenia;

the best debut in scientific research —  Zarubin Danila.


All participants were awarded with memorable diplomas and offered the opportunity to publish the theses of their works in the conference proceedings.