Delegation visit from Tianjin University

On April 25-26, 2019, GUIMC hosted a delegation of Tianjin University of Technology (TJUT, Tianjin, PRC) management headed by Vice President of the University, Professor Zheng Qingchun.

The main purpose of the visit was to sign the Memorandum of Cooperation between TJUT and BMSTU. In addition, the following program was formed for Chinese colleagues:

— negotiations with the Vice-rector on educational and methodical work, representatives of the Department of International Cooperation of BMSTU and management of GUIMC;
— familiarization with the educational process at GUIMC, attendance of classes and leading laboratories of BMSTU;
— visit to the Museum of BMSTU;
— sightseeing and cultural program;
and many other things.

The exchange of experience was held, cooperation development issues were discussed, as well as the possibility of a return visit to China by GUIMC staff and students.

Members of the delegation:

Zheng Qingchun, Vice President of TJUT;
Chen Minfang, Head of TJUT International Cooperation Department;
Song Meimei, Dean of the TJUT College of Sciences;
Wang Huaibin, Dean of TJUT Technical College for the Deaf;
Chang Haichao, Deputy Dean of the TJUT Faculty of Foreign Languages.