GUIMC students visited NPO “Energomash”

BMSTU is one of the basic educational institutions with which Energomash cooperates in the training of specialists. BMSTU students complete production, technological and pre-diploma practice at this plant and then they can find a work in the enterprise.


GUIMC students visited the demonstration hall of NPO Energomash, where they were shown the main models of rocket engines, including the very first, and were also told about the life and achievements of the founder of the enterprise, Academician V.P. Glushko. In addition students got acquainted with the laboratory of linear-angular measurements in which they were demonstrated the work of coordinate measuring machines, and the machining section of a workshop equipped with machine tools with programmed control.


For Fedor Kashpura, 2nd year student, the tour was very informative because he plans to work for the plant, just as one of the Bauman graduates, Alexander Mordvinkin, does. He is now successfully working in the laboratory as an engineer in metrology.

“I really liked the tour, we were shown many interesting engine parts that are important for the flight of rockets, I want to be engaged in it in the future,” said Fedor Kashpura.