Visit of the Chinese delegation

From 5th till 13th of March GUIMC hosted the delegation from Tianjin University of Technology (TJUT, China), consisting of:

  1. Yuan Tiantian, TJUT employee;
  2. Jiang Kun, TJUT employee;
  3. Liu Jia, TJUT student;
  4. Liang Yifan, TJUT student;
  5. Feng Zheng, TJUT student.

TJUT was founded in 1978, and in 1991 began working with hearing impaired students—the first of all Chinese universities. This was the first visit of Chinese colleagues to Moscow and to BMSTU.

During the visit an appealing and intense program was formed, including:

  • participation in a four-day leave to the student Camp “Baumanets” as well as in the final of the international competition “Step into the Future 2019”;
  • negotiations with the leadership of the university and the establishment of agreements on international cooperation;
  • attending classes of GUIMC students as well as leading BMSTU laboratories;
  • visit to BMSTU Museum;
  • extensive excursion program;
  • and many more.

We hope that the relations established with the Tianjin University will result in fruitful cooperation in the scientific and methodological field and in the field of academic mobility of our students.