Visit of the Japanese delegation

From 4th till 8th of September GUIMC hosted the delegation from the Tsukuba University of Technology (NTUT), led by its President, Professor Norio Ohkoshi.

NTUT has more than 30-year-old experience of teaching students with hearing and vision impairment and for almost 20 years has been cooperating with BMSTU in this field.

During the visit for the Japanese colleagues was formed a rich and appealing schedule, including:

  • prolongation of the Memorandum of Cooperation between NTUT and BMSTU;
  • negotiations with the Vice-Rector for International Relations and the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of BMSTU;
  • visit to the Skolkovo Innovation Center, acquaintance with the Rehabilitation Industry Incubator and social entrepreneurship projects for the people with disabilities;
  • attending classes of GUIMC students as well as leading BMSTU laboratories;
  • presentation of the "Sersor-Tech" Laboratory’ projects from its leader Kuleshov Denis S.;
  • visit to the BMSTU Museum;
  • extensive excursion program;
  • and many more.

Also the questions of cooperation and the possibility of return visit for students and employees of GUIMC were discussed.

Members of NTUT delegation:

1)  Dr. Norio Ohkoshi (Ph.D., President of NTUT);

2) Dr. Tomoyuki Nishioka (Prof., head of the International Exchange Committee of NTUT);

3) Mr. Hibiku Takeda (NTUT employee).