Visit of the Japanese delegation

From 10th till 18th of March GUIMC hosted the delegation from the Tsukuba University of Technology (NTUT).

NTUT has more than 30-year-old experience of teaching students with hearing and vision impairment and for almost 20 years has been cooperating with BMSTU in this field.


During the visit for the Japanese colleagues was formed a rich and appealing schedule, including:


  • he participation of Japanese students in the International Conference “Step for the Future – 2018” within the section “Educational and Rehabilitation Technologies”;
  • visit to the production of the company “Istok-Audio” in Fryazino;
  • participation in a two-day scientific and practical seminar “Modern technological solutions for the higher education accessibility for students with the unusual needs”;
  • visit to the MSUPE and presentation on the Japanese experience in the education of persons with disabilities;
  • Visit to the Resource Center of the Foundation “Connection” and the joint site of the Foundation and the BMSTU — “POLYGON;
  • acquaintance with the educational process in GUOMC and attending classes;
  • visit to BMSTU Museum
  • extensive excursion program;
  • and many more.

Also the questions of cooperation and the possibility of return visit for students and employees of GUIMC were discussed and the visit on NTUT Director to extend the Agreement of Cooperation was planned for the end of the summer.


Members of NTUT delegation:

1) Dr. Tomoyuki NISHIOKA (Prof., head of the International Exchange Committee of NTUT);

2) Dr. Motoi INABA (Associate Prof.);

3) Ms. Yuuka TAKAHARA (Information Sciences and Engineering, 2nd year student);

4) Mr. Kousuke TAKAHASHI (Mechanical engineering, 2nd year student).