Staff and teachers


Alexander G. Stanevsky



Graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute in 1965 and then finished the post-graduate course in BMSTU. Founder and director of GUIMC, Dean of the Faculty for people with disabilities, Head of the Department for rehabilitation.

The professional area — research and development in the field of accessibility and universal design technology, design and implementation of educational networks and systems for people with disabilities, special educational and rehabilitation technologies for people with disabilities, the introduction and distribution of successful domestic and foreign practices and social projects. He participated in major projects as a developer, leader and performer. He is the author of more than 130 papers and 15 patents on the problems of multi-level continuing professional education for people with disabilities.

Vyacheslav M. Krikun

Deputy Director for Academic Affairs


Supervised Issues: educational flow organisation


Graduated from BMSTU in 1973 and then, in 1976, finished the post-graduate course.

From 1973 till 2004 worked in BMSTU as a researcher, assistant professor and associate professor.

Deputy Director of GUIMC since 2004.

Michael V. Mozgovoy

Deputy Director for Methodical Work

Supervised Issues: international activities, student projects, "Step for the Future" Contest, informational support


He has two degrees of BMSTU: in the field of "Automated Information Processing Systems and Management" and "Linguistics".

In 2012 he started working for GUIMC as a programmer and subsequently as a teacher and deputy director.

The professional areas are assistive and information technologies, technical means of rehabilitation, social entrepreneurship.

Dean's Office

Elena V. Elizarova

Senior Methodist

Supervised Issues:information system Electronic University operating, communication with the teachers of BMSTU, schedule preparing, classrooms occupancy monitoring


Graduated from BMSTU in 1979.

Has been working for GUIMC since 1996.

Olga L. Bobkova

Head of Laboratory

Supervised Issues: students’ progress monitoring, documents for nominal scholarships preparing, working with graduates, preparing and supervising a sign language translation program for semesters and sessions


Graduated from BMSTU in 1981.

Has been working for GUIMC since 1996.


Nadezhda V. Chigir

Deanery employee

Supervised Issues:information system Electronic University operating, students documentation management, communication with students


Has been working for GUIMC since 2008.

Computer Engineering and Information Support Lab

Denis S. Kuleshov

Head of Computer Engineering and Information Support Lab


Graduated from BMSTU in 2011 in the filed "Information processing systems and management." During his university years he had implemented several scientific and engineering projects and actively participated in student scientific conferences. In 2012 he entered the post-graduate school of BMSTU in "Management in social and economic systems."

Since 2010, he has been working for GUIMC first as a laboratory assistant, then as an educational master and at the moment as a head of the laboratory.

He was involved in and led a number of specialized projects in the field of information and communication technologies and assistive technologies. He actively participates in teaching and methodical work, is the author of his own disciplinary modules, and performs the duties of a consultant and project tutor for students with disabilities.

Multimedia Lab

Michael D. Konstantinov

Head of Lab

Technical Means of Rehabilitation Lab

Elena Y. Nikitina

Head of Lab

Supervised Issues: the technical aspects and practical issues of hearing aids, interaction with the officials regarding the design of Individual Rehabilitation & Habilitation Programs


For about 30 years, she has been involved in various aspects of the use of technical means in the system of helping people with hearing impairment and closely works with representatives of the medicine and hearing rehabilitation industry.

Social Assistance and Rehabilitation Department

Lilia I. Kravchenko

Pre-university training specialist

Supervised Issues:admission, pre-university training, preparation courses, first-year students curator


BMSTU graduate; has been working for GUIMC for the last 20 years.

The professional areas are planning, preparation and carrying out activities aimed at ensuring and forming a recruitment of students to the GUIMC faculty, creating for the future students of BMSTU the optimal conditions for the quality completion of high school and adaptation to subsequent studies at the University as well as accompanying students of the first year.

Sign Language Interpretation Lab

Svetlana G. Avakyan


Supervised Issues: providing sign language translation during the educational process, as well as psychological support if necessary

Phone: +7-499-263-66-57

Tatiana V. Bardakova


Supervised Issues:social, psychological and pedagogical issues; RSL related questions

Phone: +7-963-756-63-23

Natalia K. Bolgova


Supervised Issues: the educational process support, students’ individual contacts support, psychological and pedagogical support, speech development


Olga N. Vishnyakova


Supervised Issues: provision of sign language direct d reverse translation services at lectures, seminars, laboratory classes, as well as consultations, coursework and graduation works, work on the technical dictionary forming


Tatiana V. Kosyan


Supervised Issues:accompaniment of applicants and students with hearing impairment in the educational process and on admission, sign language interpreting

Телефон: +7-499-263-66-57


Saygat G. Magamedsharipova


Supervised Issues: provision of sign language direct and reverse translation services at lectures, seminars, consultations, exams, psychological support

Phone: +7-926-371-94-53

Irena I. Moskvina

Interpreter, Assistant Prof.

Supervised Issues:all types and technologies of interpretation; Signal interpretation of classroom studies, control activities; sign language support for individual contacts with employees of various university services; sign language transcripts


Lyubov P. Starykh

Interpreter, Assistant Prof.

Supervised Issues:full access to educational information; implementation of comfortable psychological conditions taking into account the individual characteristics of each


Yulia A. Tanganova


Supervised Issues:educational process support, translation support in the dean's office, communication with the control room

Телефон: +7-926-660-86-48 (WhatsApp)

Zhanna K. Tsakayan

Interpreter, Assistant Prof.

Supervised Issues: SLI


Darya V. Sharafanenko

Interpreter, Assistant Prof.

Supervised Issues:educational process support, interpretation of technical terms and the selection of the gesture equivalent for them


Телефон: +7-916-149-66-59 (WhatsApp)

Rehabilitation of persons with disabilities Department

Emilia I. Leongard

Dr., teacher of “Semantics of technical texts” discipline


Supervised Issues: speech development, grammar, Russian language, semantics (understanding of the meaning of texts)


In 1955 graduated from the defectology faculty of Moscow State Pedagogical Institute with a degree in Surdopedagogy. For 5 years has been working as a teacher in the school for deaf-and-dumb children in Moscow region. Then – in the Scientific-Research Institute of Defectology (for 19 years), the Scientific-Research Institute of Pre-School Education, the Center for Preschool Childhood named after A.V. Zaporozhets. Had developed and still developing programs and guidelines for deaf-and-dumb educators, educators and teachers working with deaf and hearing-impaired students in kindergartens, schools and universities.

The professional areas are the development of oral speech, speech hearing, understanding of the texts meaning, cognitive skills of deaf and hearing impaired children and students; the formation and development of independent communication in society.


Zuhra F. Stolyarova


Supervised Issued: mathematics, cognitive technologies of basic disciplines


Graduated from MSU in 1963 with a degree in Theoretical Mechanics.

Has been working in BMSTU since 1965.

Hadezhda V. Kisieva

teacher of “Semantics of technical texts” discipline

Supervised Issues:speech development, grammar, Russian language, semantics (understanding of the meaning of texts), psychological support


Has two degrees: in Psycology and in Linguistics.

Scientific and teaching experience since 2002.

In 2012 started workinf for GUIMC as a teacher of "Semantics of technical texts" discipline.